16/07/07 - Brought to 'Book

Face it.

We're equally reliably informed that it's always fashionable to be late to a party. So it was that we set up a Myspace page aeons after everyone else. Now it's time to talk about Facebook, another exciting NEW social phenomenon that you've all been using for ages. Which didn't have a Clearlake group... until now.

13/07/07 - Gig update

Just to let you know, tickets for the Hove gig (see news item below) can be bought from Rounder Records (01273 325440) or Resident Music (01273 606312). More info as the gig gets nearer...

30/05/07 - Your space or mine?

Music, maestro!

Are you getting all twitchy waiting for a new Clearlake record? In the meantime, let the 21st Century social phenomenon they call Myspace be your friend and guide! Clicking this link will take you to Jason's own page, currently sporting an exclusive solo track, as well as couple of 'Lake B-sides. Meanwhile this is Jim's own page, with four tracks of his own (some of which were engineered and played on by Toby). And if that wasn't enough, there's this one too...

Knowing as we do that you (yes, YOU) are technically-literate and down with "the kids", you know exactly what to do. These people want to be your friends... get networking!

10/04/07 - "I've Got A Great Idea..."

Everything is adding... up up up...

A reminder we said, and a reminder you get! That exhibition we mentioned in the article below is on right now. Go see if you're local or visiting London village...

Anything else? Oh yes. The ever industrious Mr Pegg has another show for your delectation, this time at Brighton's excellent Great Escape festival. Jason's appearance takes place at Brighton's Pavilion Theatre on Thursday May 17. Although there will probably be day tickets on sale at some point (as there were last year), we'd thoroughly recommend you act now (it sold out last year) and get a ticket for the whole three-day event! For less than 40 British Pounds, you'll see more excellent acts than you can shake any kind of stick at.

If Jason's recent solo show was anything to go by, expect old stuff, unheard new stuff and a choice cover or two.

20/03/07 - Big Draw

A to the R to the T

There are people that would tell you life isn't just about rock and roll. These people are liars and charlatans and should be avoided at all costs. That notwithstanding, if you'd like to go out and do something non-gig related for once, this could well be the ticket...

An exhibition of Domino album artwork is being shown at the Art Vinyl gallery in East London's Broadway Market, from April 5-18. As well as performances from bands and DJs on certain days, amongst the work on display you'll be able to see the art for Lido.

You'd like a reminder nearer the time, you say? OK. We can do that.

05/03/07 - Ivory Merchant

Tinkle tinkle...

Oooh! It went all quiet for a bit there, didn't it? Well, always remember that no news is good news. And where there are cobwebs, there are happy spiders. Or something.

Here's a little something for the lucky people of Brighton (and surrounding areas). This coming Saturday (March 10), Jason will be playing a solo set, backed by piano, at Brighton's Westhill Community Centre. Jason's set will be mid-bill, with The Wraiths and The Diamond Family Archivealso on the bill.

We would strongly recommend that you attend. More soon!

15/01/07 - Who let the Dogs out?

Tone Dogs

New year's resolution #2,374: do something a bit different. Might we recommend, if Brighton is within your reach, that you come to the following event?

Following a successful trial run late last year, a new club night curated by Jason Pegg will take place monthly in Brighton with the first of these taking place on January 24th. Here's the official line...

January 24th sees the start of a new, unique, monthly, live music night - 'Tone Dogs' at the Sussex Arts Club in Brighton.

Curated by Clearlake's Jason Pegg, the evening brings together the best musicians from alternative rock, folk, jazz, blues, classical, electronica and the avant garde, playing guided improvisations and popular songs with surprise guest singers.

03/01/07 - Happy New Year!

Roll up!

Hello! We hope you had an enjoyable holiday season and are looking forward to 2007 with your customary vim and vigour. And if you're not, why not get it out of your system, then face the new year with renewed optimism? Why not indeed.

Enough frippery! There is a new year to look forward to. It is fully the intention that said new year will contain a new Clearlake album during its course. And as we're sure you know, there's one demo to listen to already right here... will there be any more? You know where to keep looking.

Still, there are probably those amongst you who find waiting an unnecessary chore on a par with climbing mountains, learning judo, running a marathon and getting up in the morning. If you can't wait and need something spanking new and 'Lake-related right now, why not visit the new shop which, as well as the old favourites, now has some lovely Amber shirts for your delectation? Again, why not indeed.

If all that looking forward is making you dizzy, why not look back for a minute..erm ... 97 of the year from the excellent online radio station WOXY.com whom we've mentioned on here before). As you'll see, they have excellent taste, especially this pundit.

Many exciting things will happen this year. Keep watching.

05/12/06 - Vote Clearlake! (again)

Your country needs YOU

...and talking of BBC 6 Music as we were a couple of days ago), they will be running a countdown of listeners' top 100 singles of 2006 on 30 December. They're giving you until 29 December to put your top five in. Obviously we wouldn't seek to influence your vote and... (You are now feeling veeeeeeeeeery sleeeeeepy.....)

17/10/06 - The Future Sound Of Brighton

Rock under construction

Remember the demos we put up to preview Amber? They seemed to go down rather well as we recall. Wouldn't it be great if we could similarly give you a little taster of album number 4, due in 2007?

Well... we are forever your humble servants! Hear a demo of the new track "Summer's Over". A most excellent statement of intent, if we do say so ourselves...

What do you reckon? Answers on an e-mail marked "That new demo rocks" to the usual e-mail address.

15/10/06 - Broomstick optional


Were you at the,Tunbridge Wells Forum gig last week? No? Ooops. You missed a bit of a classic.

If the only way you can console yourself under the circumstances is to get to another gig as soon as humanly possible, we have good news for you in the form of another show at Brighton's Volks Tavern on November 1. The flyer looks like this, so you probably ought to dress appropriately for the occasion. Go on... you know you want to! And send us pictures afterwards.

(PS. The eagle-eyed amongst you who have logged in recently may have noticed that this article briefly said that the gig was on a Friday. It's not. It's on a Wednesday. Your correspondent is currently awaiting a brain transplant)

09/10/06 - "This one starts quietly..."

Another gig! This is fairly short notice - apologies for that. This one's at Brighton's Concorde 2 this very Thursday (yep, John Peel Day). The event is listed as being a Holloways show - just to clarify, they are on the bill but we understand Clearlake are playing last on the night.

Tickets? Again at the time of writing, Clearlake aren't mentioned on the billing on the ticket page but they WILL be there - promise.

More info on all this and the other bands playing on the night can be found here. Rumours that all the bands will play one of their songs at the wrong speed on the night in tribute could not be substantiated as we went to press...

22/06/06 - Gigflash: The Comeback

Tickets are now on sale for the Tiscali Showcase gig at London Islington Academy on Friday 14 July. It's on a Friday night in London Town - what reason could you possibly have for not putting on your gladrags and getting out there? Exactly. Get them...right now, as another famous son of Brighton would say). But seriously folks - with two other acts on and a capacity of 250, you need to be snappy. The Tiscali Showcase events always, but always, sell out, and quickly.

Much more on the It's Getting Light Outside single imminently. Don't forget to keep an eye on this ever-changing page!

14/06/06 - Gigflash

A bit of last minute gig news for you! Clearlake headline the Brixton Jamm Club next Thursday (22nd June) as part of an Xfm/The Fly night. Full details as ever on the live page.

The video for It's Getting Light Outside was made last weekend. It'll be available to view here and on Myspace as soon as we have it, as well as a whole lot more about the single. Meanwhile... how far would you go to be an extra in a video for your favourite band? Ten miles? A hundred? Well, one person came all the way from ... Tel Aviv! He went home with some signed artwork and everyone's eternal gratitude. Now, we don't expect everyone to go quite that far in the name of making the next single the success it deserves to be... but a little bit of help won't go amiss, and we'll be letting you know how you can assist very soon - stay tuned!

05/06/06 - Cover up

Next week, expect a lot more on here about the new single. In the meantime, we thought you might like to see the artwork!

Pretty, isn't it? Just the sort of thing that would look good adorning the backgrounds on your PCs, perhaps?

Right then - one video to be made, then one single to be promoted to the skies. Buckle up!

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